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Tokenization – The New Age with Blockchain

Facts About Websites in 2018 (And Why Tokenization Is a Good Idea for This Industry)

uKit ICO
Boosting website conversion with Artificial Intelligence! Designing dynamic landing pages based on crowd data:
Feb 28

One of the many ways blockchain can be utilised to create a better UX.


How to Choose Meaningful Words: Why Language Matters

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Jan Fortune
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Mar 2

The piece explores the influence of language on our perspectives that are built on in the world we live in.

This little-known habit separates successful people from the rest, according to science.

by Elle Kaplan, CEO and Founder, LexION Capital, CIO and Founder, LexION Alpha

This is a useful reminder if you are slipping in and out of plunging episodes.


The Languages you might want to Consider

I created the Power Language Index (PLI) as a thought experiment: If an alien were to land on Earth, what language would serve it best?
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Networking: You don’t have to like it but you can grow to appreciate its value

The connection between moral and physical impurity is so strong that even the thought of a networking event can make one want to take a shower.

Thanks to Kaisa Snellman, an Associate Professor from Insead, those of use who are not extroverts, and blessed with charisma can feel normal about our aversion to networking events. The good news is that the skill required to “perform” well in those events can be cultivated. As long as you have a growth mindset, you will naturally perceive any circumstances to be one which requires you to put in some hours to practise and prepare in order to attain fulfilment through your engagement.

Check out her article, “Humans are Hard-Wired to Hate Networking”.

Barack Obama legacy: Did he improve US race relations?

Pen power: China closer to ballpoint success

meta-theatre weekend

Is ignorance really blissful?


Just what is Economics? I am not of course the best suited person to comment on the general perception of what the subject is about. But here is what I have gathered after being acquainted with it for about a good four years. (Note that the four years is not a degree programme)

Economics is the study of allocation of resources. There is a need to allocate resources efficiently (someone has to do the job) as scarcity is fundamentally the problem of civilisation. Scarcity, is a problem of having finite resources to produce goods and services of a limitless variety. It addresses humanity’s cascading desires which conspicuously stems from greed (how ironic). Economists then, have to engage in a rational decision-making process to decide what to produce, how to produce it, and for whom to produce. The factors of deliberation may seem too unsophisticated to pass off as the cornerstone of a thriving economy. Unless you delve into this intricate and delicate engineering to seek how terms and illustrations convene and weave themselves into the concept of Economics, you will, unfortunately be stuck with believing that Economics has no major role to play in establishing a society or a country.

And then i forgot the purpose of my attempt to deconstruct economics…

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